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"Green food" was once the people's pursuit of health food, has also been is famous for its safety, high quality and nutrition, but with the wal-mart supermarket in chongqing "green pork" exposure, "green food" is on the forefront.Especially wal-mart for using ordinary pork as green food pork, there are nearly 60000 kilograms of fake green pork was sold to the consumer.


In today's market of agricultural products, "green food" as a new industry, received extensive attention of the society and government departments.Reporter found from each big market, marked with "organic vegetables", "organic meat", "green food" and so on the title of the food prices significantly higher than the normal prices of agricultural products, two types of food price difference can reach more than 5 yuan.
For the difference of two kinds of food, not very understand, many consumers to this, experts told reporters that the production cost of green food determines its terminal sales price on the high side, but in the context of the current market, many people through the concept of "organic" wreaks hype, organic food prices artificially high.

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