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With the growing of social material, people life level unceasing enhancement, people's consumption concept and consumption behavior are also great changes have taken place.In the increasing environmental pollution, additives, preservatives, genetically modified food flying today, when consumer is buying food, tend to pay more attention to choose the pure natural, pollution-free, rich nutrition and healthy food. 


And some dealers will use consumers of this kind of psychological, blockbuster "word game" on food packaging, confuse food concept, mislead consumers, thus achieve the goal of sell the goods.
At present, the "green" foods on the market is everywhere, many goods are depend on the package of "natural" and "pollution-free", "no pollution", "wild" and "organic" and other words attract the attention of consumers.Many consumers think that "natural" food is the green food, edible safety.
So, what is the green food, green food, organic food, organic food?What's the difference between them?

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