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Ordinary vegetables rice flour foods labeled "organic", expensive immediate growth of 5 to 10 times.However, consumers pay big money to buy this kind of "aristocratic food", while others save "hang sheep head sell vinegar".
Urumqi city at present that can deal with the organic food certification institution has nearly ten.Organic conversion of 2009 meters east palace conduit, head rice Zhang Fen told reporters: agricultural products can be divided into ordinary, pollution-free, green, organic four grades, organic food certification is the highest level of food quality certification, in the process of production and processing of absolute ban the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, synthetic material, such as soil, air, water and other environmental quality has very high requirements.


Reporter shorter survey found that the base by the multifarious files and rigorous program is of high threshold, because the interests of the drive, by some certification bodies ripped open.
For the second time in a row on May 20, the reporter arrived at the red mountain in urumqi corps environmental protection science research institute and secretly.A responsible for the agency said, here is the only carrier in the whole xinjiang official organic food certification institution.Reporter pretend there are one thousand mu of rice to do "certified organic", the other answer: 3 years of service contracts, certification fees total price is 120000 yuan, can offer a seventy percent discount.As long as the enterprise need, immediately sent someone to on-the-spot investigation, the declaration data can also be coaching.

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