Chengdu organic vegetable market Organic food mix ordinary food to sell

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Good and evil people mixed up organic vegetable market, without organic certification, but with "organic coat";After organic certification of enterprises, but also the ordinary food and organic food "mix build" sales
Certified organic link chaos, some enterprises can not meet, as long as spend 35000 yuan, also can get legal organic certification


Some stores set up shop of organic vegetables, organic carrot more than 17 yuan per kilogram, 31 yuan more 18 yuan, Chinese cabbage, broccoli and varieties of the same general food price of 2 yuan, 5.9 yuan and 5.9 yuan respectively.The organic vegetable prices is common vegetables several times, but citizens are still a lot of choose and buy.Recently, the personage inside course of study to the west China metropolis daily reported, according to organic vegetables and evil people mixed up the market, people buying organic vegetables is not necessarily true "organic".

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