The organic food sales channels

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Organic food in the 70 s mainly through small natural food stores and food cooperation to sell, but the situation as "Whole Foods" and "Wild Oats" super natural store development.


In order to ensure the grain storage safety, national grain bureau this year will be the implementation of "regulation innovation in" action for the gripper, strictly implement the responsibility system.The active adoption of green ecological grain storage technology, further standardize one thousand tons, according to the simple facilities such as grain storage technology.The new grain purchasing and shall not be allowed to set up seats Xue hoarding, from the source to eliminate "baked wheaten cake joins camp" hidden trouble.
The reporter also learned from the meeting, the national all kinds of food amount for the purchase of a business to new peaks, in 2015, more than 800 billion catties.Governor of food security responsibility system fully established, guarantee food security in the region, and safeguard national food security system has been formed.
8, the national food unified bidding transaction platform is also officially launched.

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